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Q: What channel is the Orlando magic game on?
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Where is game five against the Atlanta hawks and the Orlando Magic being played at?

In Orlando Florida

When did Orlando Magic start?

The Magic were founded in 1989 and played their first game on November 4, 1989.

Who will win The Orlando Magic Or the Sacramento Kings?

Orlando magic

When was Orlando Magic created?

Orlando Magic was created in 1989.

What is a professional basketball team Seattle Seahawks Orlando Magic Cleveland Indians Texas Rangers?

Orlando magic

Year Shaquille O'Neal started playing with Orlando Magic?

drafted by the Orlando magic in 1994 released by the Orlando magic in 1999

When did the Orlando Magic become part of the NBA?

The Orlando Magic was founded in 1989.

Whose better San Antonio Spurs or Orlando Magic?

Orlando magic

What is E'Twaun Moore's number on the Orlando Magic?

E'Twaun Moore is number 55 on the Orlando Magic.

What was the score of the Magics game Sat night May 30?

I am asking about the Orlando Magic NOT the Oilers

What was the final score of Game 5 of Los Angeles Lakers vs Orlando Magic game 2009?

99 to 86.

How do you contact Shawn kemp?

Address: Orlando Magic, Orlando Arena, 1 Magic Place, Orlando, FL 32801