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A good projet for soft ball or base ball is what angle to throw a ball (or how to throw a ball) to make it more aerodynamic and go faster. I hope this helped.


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Q: What can you do for your science project on softball pitching?
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What are good softball pitching Science fair experiments?

You can do a softball experiment about pitching with a stopwatch.By:Shaniya Bane

What is a softball science fair project that you can do?

You could see how high it bounces, how far it rolls, or how far it goes.

how much for used softball pitching machine?

for a softball pitching machine varies from $140 to$300

What is softball pitching distance for Illinois high schools?

what is the Illinois high school softball pitching distance

What are some pitching tools in baseball and softball?

It all depends. Baseball and softball pitching mechanics are way different.

How do i get a good science fair project on softball?

You can do it on if a aluminum or a wooden bat makes the ball go the farther distance! :) That got me an A.

How can you do a softball for a science project?

You can use the laws of motion as exp. when you throw a ball. Also soft balls make good planets ^^.

What is the pitching distance in girls softball 10 yrs under in Cal Ripken league?

what is the pitching distance for ten and under softball?

What is pitching in softball?

Much like baseball pitching, softball pitching is used to throw a ball towards the batter. In baseball they throw overhand but in softball when your pitching you wind up, load, and throw underhand. There are more pitches possible in the softball pitching than baseball. All pitched possible to be thrown by a softball pitcher are screw ball, change-up, fastball, curve ball, rise ball, drop ball, and knuckle ball.

What is ab in softball pitching stats?

an at bat

How does softball relate to softball?

because of the kinetic energy ( the energy of motion) in hitting, pitching, running, and fielding.!! SOFTBALL RULES!!!

Has anyone else done the biomechanics of pitching science fair project?

Type your answer here... yes I need help