What became of Toby Gowin?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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he now plays for New England ---- Toby Gowin played eight seasons in the NFL. 1997-1999 with Dallas, 2000-2002 with New Orleans, 2003 with Dallas, and 2004 with the New York Jets. === Gowin adjust to life after the NFL


Published: July 08, 2008 12:20 pm

Jacksonville Progress

By Don Wallace

Now the shoe is on the other foot for former NFL punter Toby Gowin.

His days of being an unassuming professional football player are behind

him; now he is thrust into the competitive world of commercial real

estate sales.

"It's strange. For years I was private. I wanted to shield my family

from publicity and I was low key. Now I kind of have to promote my name

and get out and meet people since I am selling real estate," Gowin


Gowin works for Burns commercial Properties in Tyler and has for

several months.

Gowin is a former Jacksonville High School standout which led to him

nabbing All-American honors while punting at the University of North


Gowin said, "To play on the same team with Emmitt Smith and Troy Aikman

... it was an awesome experience. At that time I really wasn't shocked

that I was there; it was what I had been working toward for a long


Gowin married a Jacksonville graduate, Nikki Green, a former Dallas

Cowboys cheerleader. The couple have two children, Jaeger and Greenlee.

Gowin said, "Selling commerical real estate is a challenge, a new

chapter in my life. I have been working at it a while, getting all the

book work done, studying all the laws and regulations."


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Q: What became of Toby Gowin?
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