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Elite. Quarterback.

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Q: What are two words describing aaron rodger?
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Um this is not a chemistry question.... butNOUN (#1)Two ADJECTIVES describing #1Three PARTICIPLES describing #1 (words ending in -ing)Two NOUNS describing #1, Two NOUNSdescribing #2Three PARTICIPLES describing #2 (words ending in -ing)Two ADJECTIVES describing #2NOUN (#2)

What are two describing words?

Adjective and adverb.

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two words which means HATE is : _ 1) dislike 2) hatred

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flying gitto

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There are two types of describing words. Adjectivesdescribe nouns (pretty girl, yellow ball, loudmusic). Adverbs describe verbs (run quickly, laugh heartily, see vividly).

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ridiculous, independent, incredible, insecure.

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Describing a contrast is describing how two things are different.

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Few ! Untargetable Unacceptable count !! Fewer, not "few". It's a comparison. Smaller (when describing two numbers).

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1: Yellow 2: tasty 3: fruity 4: curved. I hope two work.

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