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  1. Brady to Moss
  2. Brady to Welker
  3. Brady to Faulk
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Q: What are the three variants of the patriot missile?
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What is an army patriot soldier?

All soldiers are patriots. But there's a surface-to-air missile system called Patriot. The soldiers who operate it are "Patriot Missile Crewmen."

What is the cost of a patriot Missile?

The U.S. recently sold 209 Patriot missiles to Kuwait for about $900 million. Therefore, each missile costs $4.3 million.

What are the release dates for Investigative Reports - 1991 Patriot Missile Hero or Hoax 2-2?

Investigative Reports - 1991 Patriot Missile Hero or Hoax 2-2 was released on: USA: 25 September 1992

What company makes the Patriot missile used by the Air Defense Artillery?

Lockheed Martin

How do you get the patriot title in Call of Duty?

on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, you have to get 50 kills with the predator missile

What are the release dates for The B-S- of A- with Brian Sack - 2011 Patriot Kidz Missile Shield Tour Footage 1-25?

The B-S- of A- with Brian Sack - 2011 Patriot Kidz Missile Shield Tour Footage 1-25 was released on: USA: 14 June 2012

Will you give a sentence with the word prodigality in it?

Due to faulty electronics the patriot missile had a good deal of prodigality in its guidance system.

What ae the names of the missile bases in missile command by Sega?

one two three

How many syllables does patriot have?

Patriot has three syllables. Pa-tri-ot.

What are three computer viruses discovered in 2008?

W32/AutoIt Trojan and its variants VirusW32/Delf Downloader Trojan and its variants VirusW32/OnLineGames Password Stealer Trojan and its variants

What search and navigation instrument equipment proved itself during the Gulf War?

Raytheon's Patriot missile--a ground-to-air defensive missile system employing advanced seeking technology--proved itself as a reliable and effective weapon system.

How does a patriot missile stop an incoming SCUD missile?

Well, what you and I need to know first and foremost is that modern missiles such as Sparrow and Patriot MIM use ARH(Active radar homing).With ARH, a missile such as a Patriot (MIM-104) can and does detect radar bouncing off of its target(an Iraqi Scud-B missile in this case).Note that a missile that uses ARH is equipped with a radar transmitter to emit radar pulses to "illuminate" the target, a radar detector(reciever) to pick-up/detect radar pulses reflected off the target, some guidance control(could be inertial, optical, e.t.c) to guide the missile to its target, and an onboard computer and some logic to process signals.In other words picture this: a Scud is in air,and as we all know, emits waves: EM waves,in particular IR waves.So a ground-based radar station would mount equipment to detect missiles in air(could mount a radar dish, such as the big ones you see in movies) . How a radar detector works, more!!.Thus, the ground-based station illuminates the target(Scud) with radar signals, abd some of those signals are reflected off the target back to the ground-based radar station, these signals are processed to acquired flight information(coordinates of target, trajectory, speed, direction,...). Then this information about the target is "fed" or programmed into the Patriot missile for initial flight phase.OK, with that information loaded inside it, the patriot is launched. After launching the Patriot, the ground-based radar station is USELESS...i.e. it is NOT needed for the rest of the missile's flight, hence the name Active Radar Homing, as opposed to SARH. Using the pre-programmed information loaded inside it, in addition to its on-board ARH system,the Patriot will locate its target.How? Radar beams are emitted off the missile's on-board radar emitter towards the target,and some of those waves are reflected off the target(scud), back to the patriot for processing(error correction, trajectory change, distance,speed). This process continues until the patriot "realises" the target(scud) is closer enough. At that stage the patriot will lock on to the target, and upon impact, detonate the high explosive devise, and what??? BOOOOM :) the target is well as the patriot too(the saddest part).==>contrast this guidance method with the Track-Via-Missile method.