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Q: What are the three main injuries in rugby league?
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What are the main sports in South Africa?

Not in any particular order: Cricket Rugby Union Golf Football (soccer) Rugby league/tennis (debatable) Hope this helps

What is Australia's international sport?

Australia's *main* international sports are cricket, rugby league, and rugby.

What is more popular English rugby league or Australian?

Australian Rugby League is most likely to be more popular because soccer is the main sport of england.

What the is main city in Queensland home Broncos rugby league team?


What is australias main sport?

Australia's main sport is cricket, followed by AFL - Australian Rules football (not soccer).

Who organizes rugby tournaments?

Union. at league level its decided by each of the regions in conjunction with the main rugby body at country level its by the IRB in conjunction with the countries bodies

What sport is played at the Jubilee Oval?

The main sport which is played at the Jubilee Oval is rugby league football. It is a multipurpose stadium which has also hosted soccer matches.

What are the two main categories of players in rugby?

League and union If this is not what your looking for please expand on your question to facilitate improved responses

What is the difference between rugby league ball and rugby union ball?

Rugby league is the professional code of rugby football, and Rugby is a town in Warwickshire. with a famous public school where the game developed. The main differences between rugby league football and rugby union football is that the principal rugby league teams are professional athletes instead of amateurs (albeit rugby union has some semi-professionals). The focus is more on running with the ball and scoring tries, instead of set pieces and kicking. There is almost no kicking in rugby league. You only have 5 tackles of passing and then you must kick over to other time. In rugby union you can kick to the corners downfield and you can have as many phases as you like when controlling the ball. There is a lot more kicking in the union game. League is really just passing. In league a try is 4 point while unions try is 5

What are the names of the welsh rugby team?

There are 4 main teams who play in the Magners league they are Ospreys, Cardiff Blues, Newport Gwent Dragons and the best of all llaneii Scarlets

What are the three main club soccer competitions in Europe?

The Champions League. The Europa League. The Super Cup.

How many camogie clubs are in Ireland?

The main league in Ireland is called the All Ireland League which was founded in 1990. In total there are 51 rugby clubs in Ireland.