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Q: What are the names of the chiefs who signed the bond of 1844?
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Who signed the bond of 1844 on behalf with the british with the eight fante chief?

the eight fante chiefs who signed the bond 1844

The Bond Of 1844?

The bond of 1844 was the peace agreement between the British and the Fante chiefs

When was the bond of 1844 signed?

The bond of 1844 was signed on August 22, 1844. It was an agreement made by the Mormon Church, formally known as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to pay the United States government for losses suffered by Missourians during conflicts in the state.

What was the purpose the bond of 1844?

purpose of the 1844 bond

When was Elias Bond created?

Elias Bond was created in 1844.

Why was the bond of 1844?

because of raft

Why was the bond of 1844 signed?

because of raft

What are the effects of the bond of 1844?

The Signing of the Bond between the Southern States and the British did not go down well with the Ashantis

What are the three terms of the bond of 1844?

The three terms of the Bond of 1844 were the Independence, Religious Freedom, and Immortality of the Worker. These three principles aimed to secure recognition for the independence of workers, the freedom of religion, and the immortality of their rights.

Who signed the bond of 1844?

In 1830 a London committee of merchants chose Captain George Maclean to become president of a local council of merchants. Although his formal jurisdiction was limited, Maclean's achievements were substantial; for example, a peace treaty was arranged with Asante in 1831. Maclean also supervised the coastal people by holding regular court in Cape Coast where he punished those found guilty of disturbing the peace. Between 1830 and 1843 while Maclean was in charge of affairs on the Gold Coast, no confrontations occurred with Asante, and the volume of trade reportedly increased threefold. Maclean's exercise of limited judicial power on the coast was so effective that a parliamentary committee recommended that the British government permanently administer its settlements and negotiate treaties with the coastal chiefs that would define Britain's relations with them. The government did so in 1843, the same year crown government was reinstated. Commander H. Worsley Hill was appointed first governor of the Gold Coast. Under Maclean's administration, several coastal tribes had submitted voluntarily to British protection. Hill proceeded to define the conditions and responsibilities of his jurisdiction over the protected areas. He negotiated a special treaty with a number of Fante and other local chiefs that became known as the Bond of 1844.

What are the effect of the bond of 1844?

The Bond of 1844 was an agreement between the UK and Afghanistan that granted Afghanistan's independence while providing financial support. Its effects included continued British influence in Afghan affairs and some stability in the region, but also led to increased tensions and eventual conflict between Afghanistan and the UK.

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