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November 12, 1955: Despite high winds and a temperature of zero, the Washington state-San Jose State football game was played on schedule in Pullman, Washington. Total paid attendance was one.

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the Oakland Raiders have the lowest attendance of the last few year

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Q: What are the lowest attendance figures at an NFL game?
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What is the lowest attendance for a NFL game?

1987 cowboys vs dolphins game with 216.

What was the lowest single game attendance in NFL history?

216: The Cowboys/Dolphins game in 1987, where weather prohibited people from getting to the stadium.

What team had the lowest attendance in the NFL?

A Harris Interactive poll done in October of 2007 found that the Jacksonville Jaguars are the least poopular NFL team.

What is the largest attendance ever at an NFL season game in the US?

washiington ,redskins

What is the lowest attendance for a Houston Astros baseball game?

I'm going with the September 7, 1974 game between the Astros and Padres, which drew 3044 fans according to Baseball Reference. There were games with lower attendance when they were the Colt .45's. Houston is no place for outdoor baseball.

What is the lowest scoring NFL game?

seahawks 0-3 browns

What is the lowest score in nfl game?

In 1943 the Giants and Lions ended the game 0 to 0

What is the lowest scoring NFL game 2011?

seahawks 0-3 browns

What is the lowest overunder odds on an nfl football game?

29.5 Ravens Giants 2001

What was the lowest scoring game in the NFL 2009?

2009 isn't over yet. TEE HEE.

What nfl team allowed the lowest score average in a 16 game season?

Sanfrasico 49ers

What is the lowest single game point for an NFL game?

The lowest possible score in a game where both teams have scored is 3-2. One team would get a field goal while the other would get a safety.