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Q: What are the different tracks usually played when a wicket falls in twenty20 cricket in England?
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What is the sport is usually played in England?

Both Rugby and Cricket are sports identified with play in England, although both are also played around the world in former English colonies and Dominions.

Is cricket Australian?

Cricket is a game developed, but not perfected, in England. The Brits exported the game to the various Colonies and outposts of Empire, whereafter, they were usually soundly thrashed in most international contests of any importance. Cricket is played in England, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, West Indies, India, Pakistan and many of the other Commonwealth countries.

How many umpires are there in cricket?

There are usually 3 umpires in cricket

How many balls are there in an over?

Well there are 6 balls in a over in cricket, and each ODI (One Day International) consists of 50 overs a team. While Twenty20 obviously has 20 overs.

What is Duckworth Louis table?

The Duckworth-Lewis table (named for the English statisticians who invented it) is designed to calculate the final scores of one-innings cricket (usually One Day International or Twenty20) matches in which the chasing team (the one batting second) loses its opportunity to bat on an equal footing with the first team, usually on account of bad weather. It attempts to extrapolate the likely outcome based on how the chasing team actually performed at the time.

How long is the average cricket's life?

A cricket has a max of 5 years and usually 2-3 years.

When does Sky Sports usually announce the final cricket scores for the day?

Sky Sports usually announces the final cricket scores for the day as they happen. Their live scoring is a must have for avid cricket supporters and even casual fans.

How can change your nat settings using cricket broadband?

You can't. It is set by the wireless provider, in this case Cricket, and is usually there for security reasons.

What insect is small and usually found in dirty place?


Are most of targets chased in day night cricket match?

Yes, most of the targets are usually chased in the day night cricket match.

What is the number of balls usually six bowled from one end of a cricket pitch?

A set of six balls bowled in cricket - is called an 'over'.

How many types of getting out in cricket?

11: Bowled; Caught; Stumped; Run out; Lbw; Hit wicket; Handled the ball; Obstructing the field; Timed out; Hit the ball twice,retired out. "Caught behind" and "Caught & bowled" are classified as just 'Caught'.'Handled the ball' can be disregarded if the batsman is asked to pick up the ball by a fielder, usually the wicketkeeper.'Timed out' occurs when one batsman is not ready for play and on the pitch within two minutes of the previous batsman being out (or three minutes if he is to be the nonstriker).'Hit the ball twice' can be disregarded if the second hit was to prevent the ball being 'played on' (hitting the stumps after being played a first time).If any batsman leaves the field of play without the Umpire's consent for any reason other than injury or incapacity, he may resume the innings only with the consent of the opposing captain. If he fails to resume his innings, he is recorded as being Retired - out. For the purposes of calculating a batting average, retired out is considered a dismissal.