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Q: What are the classification of pistons head types?
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What are the types of piston head?

The two main types of piston heads are flat top and dome top. Flat top pistons have a flat surface, while dome top pistons have a raised dome shape on the top surface. Other variations include dish top pistons and reverse dome pistons.

What are the different types of piston engine according to cylinder head classification?

diesel engine

Will a 22r head fit a 20r engine?

no it will not the pistons are diffrent the 20r has domw pistons and the 22re has flat top pistons

Detroit Pistons coach?

In July of 2009, John Kuester was hired as head coach of the Pistons

How many types of pistons are there they are two types of piston?

There are many, many types of pistons. The pistons of a 4-cycle gasoline internal combustion engine are different from those in a diesel powered or two-cycle two cycle engines. There are other alternative fuels that require specialized pistons too. Then within a group, such as 4-cycle gasoline automobile engines there can be domed, or pistons with valleys or cut-outs for the valves. There short sleeves, long sleeves, thick or thin wall, or cuts for different types of rings. There are literally thousands of different types or variations of pistons.

What causes water in the pistons?

usually there is a blown head gasket or warped head to get water in a cylinder

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The classification of organisms is a system of arranging the organisms into groups or sets on the basis of similarities and differences. The two types of classification are:- (i) plant kingdom (ii) animal kingdom

Who was the head coach that led the Pistons to the Finals in 2004?

Larry Brown

Different types of classification of hotels in UK?

classification of hotels in UK

Is there a difference in the heads of the 93 Toyota pickup and the 94 Toyota pickup?

They are the same. ANSWER they are the same if they are both 4x4 or both 2x4 because the 4x4 has popup pistons and the head is clearenced for them and the 2x4 has dish pistons and is not clearenced for the popup pistons

What damage can a timing-belt do to the engine and transmission on a 2006 ptcruiser?

It can make the valves and pistons collide causing severe damage in the cylinder head and possibly damaging pistons.