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I am aware of the current 2010 player's numbers. Although I do know the players from the 2009 season, the majority of the team has stayed a Sounder. Here is the 2010 roster:

  1. Chris Eylander *part-time keeper for SSFC* (no longer with SSFC)
  2. Mike Fucito
  3. Brad Evans
  4. Patrick Ianni
  5. Tyson Wahl
  6. Osvaldo Alonso
  7. James Riley
  8. Peter Vagenas
  9. Sebastien Le Toux (currently plays for Philadelphia Union)
  10. Freddie Ljungberg
  11. Steve Zakuani
  12. Nathan Sturgis
  13. Kevin Forrest (no longer with SSFC, played at the beginning of season, how to quit because of broken ankle)
  14. Tyrone Marshall
  15. Steven King
  16. Evan Brown (no longer with SSFC, replaced by David Estrada)
  17. Fredy Montero
  18. Kasey Keller
  19. Leonardo Gonzalez
  20. Zach Scott
  21. Nate Jaqua
  22. Terry Boss *part-time keeper for SSFC* (no longer with SSFC)
  23. Sanna Nyassi
  24. Roger Levesque
  25. Pat Noonan (new to SSFC)
  26. Taylor Graham
  27. Lamar Neagle (no longer with SSFC)
  28. Terry Boss

34. Jhon Hurtado-Kennedy

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Q: What are the Seattle sounders player's numbers?
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Seattle Sounders FC was created in 2007.

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