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If this question can be answered, the Packers were orignally called the Indians, for part of the 1919 season after the Indian Meat Packing Company in Green Bay that put up the money for equipment and uniforms.

Later in the same season Lambeau (an employee of the meat packing company) called his team the Packers.

It has been the Packers ever since.

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Earl "Curly" Lambeau, a founding player for the Green Bay Packers, later become the head coach.

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Q: What are the Green Bay Packers were called?
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Are the packers from Oakland?

No their from green bay,that's why there called the GREEN BAY packers

What did green bay become?

The Green Bay Packers are still the Green Bay Packers.

What is Green Bay Michigan's city nickname?

It is called Titletown because of the thirteen NFL Championships.

What state are the green brae packers from?

The Green Bay Packers are from Wisconsin. It's north of Illinois and east of Minnesota.

Why are packers fans called cheeseheads?

The reason is because the Packers were named after the company that packed their jerseys, uniforms and also packed cheese. This company operates out of Green Bay that is why they are called the Green Bay Packers.

What is the hometown to the Green Bay Packers?

The packers are located in GREEN BAY, Wisconsin.

What is the Green Bay Packers home city?

The Green Bay Packers come from Green Bay, Wisconsin.

When was Green Bay Packers created?

Green Bay Packers was created in 1919.

Were the Green Bay Packers the pickle packers?

No, they were never called the pickle packers. Their name dates back to their origins in 1919 when the Indian Packaging Company funded the team to get it started on the condition that the team be named after them. Since they play in Green Bay Wisconsin they became the Green Bay Packers.

What team did the Green Bay Packers become?

The Green Bay Packers are still the Green Bay Packers.

Who team is better Green Bay Packers or NY giants?

Green Bay Packers

Who will have a better season Dallas cowboys or Green Bay Packers?

Green bay packers