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The cost of ice prices.

Price is certainly a barrier. Hockey is not a cheap sport, however, when you say disadvantages, it all depends on why you are asking. Hockey is a fast paced sport which helps with excellent conditioning and durability, along with being a team sport, Hockey is notorious for breeding close knit groups of friends.

You can have contact and non-contact hockey, depending on your preference and level of play.

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The community of hockey players are great. Hockey is like a culture

Not like any other sport

It's very fun!

You learn life long lessons

Best memories of your life


The equipment will cost you a bundle

Starting "late" can lead to intimidation (but really with any sport)

Traveling pretty far depending (girl/boy/level)

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There are many advantages to playing soccer including learning teamwork, health benefits, and fun. There are also disadvantages because your victories often rely on others and you can get hurt.

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1.Its a good workout

2.Helps you with your balance, speed and accuracy

3.It is a fun competitive game

4.Not for just one gender

5.Helps you make new friends (sociality)


1.Can cause serious injuries (both teeth and bones)

Sorry that's all that I know please improve my answer if

you have more pros and cons

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You build confidence, and great everyday skills. Hockey will make you more active and can teach you teamwork and selflessness.

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Q: What are some disadvantages of hockey?
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