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Across all three divisions, there are over 600 NCAA programs with hundreds of individual names.

Some of the most popular names are "Bulldogs," "Tigers," "Bears" and various other animals. Often, team names are derived from local legends or animals native that that region, such as the "Wolverines" at the University of Michigan (Michigan is sometimes known as "The Wolverines State").

"Spartans," "Trojans" and "Knights" are also commonly seen.

The most common nickname is "Eagles," used by 64 NCAA programs.

Several colleges use unique nicknames not used by any other institution. Those include names like "Banana Slugs" (California-Santa Cruz), "Mastadons" (Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne) and "Silverswords" (Chaminade).

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Q: What are some NCAA football mascot names?
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