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"if you like a sport then there isn't any thing that any one can say to you to make you think that it isn't them best. every one has their own opinion of sports."

Well the person who said ^^that^^ obviously has a point, but my sport is volleyball. Here's why:

Because it's good exercise, but doesn't make you run a lot. Like, by the end of the game your are hot and panting, but you haven't felt like you just did a marathon.

Also, it's a fun team sport, especially for girls. It's really social, and you don't have to do that much running(like I said). Also, many girls like to play it because the uniforms are definitely feminine, not slouchy or unflattering. Short-shorts are LOVED by the girls on my team, and me.

It's true, it's not a sport for everyone because you do need to build up your skills quite a bit before it really gets fun, but once you have at least the basics, you can easily have a good rally. Also, the more skills, the more intensity goes into it. I know lots of people who think it's a girl's sport but when you watch men's university teams, it's so ridiculously fast paced and every pass and hit are precise and strong. You know it's a good sport when there doesn't have to be a commentator droning on the whole game, where you can just watch and be entertained.

It's competitive, but it's still fun because you have teammates to depend on.

Those are just a few reasons why volleyball is the bomb.:)

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yes volleyball should be considered a sport. because you use your arms and legs.

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It is a matter of personal preference.

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Q: What are opinions on whether volleyball is the best sport ever?
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