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if they want to hit, they can't jump after they have crossed the attack line, but they can approach and everything as long as they are behind it. They also can't be in front of a front row player before the ball is served. And all the basic rules about rotation and so forth.

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You can't spike a ball, unless its a back row spike, and you can't go in the front. those are pretty much the only restrictions.

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Q: What are limitations of a back player in volleyball?
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What does a back player do in volleyball?


Where does a volleyball player surf from?

the back line C:

What is the name of a right back player in volleyball?

they are called the lebro

Is the person in the volleyball server position considered a back or front row player?

a server is a back row player

Why does a volleyball team have a player from the other team?

I play volleyball and volleyball does not have a player from another team. What you are referring to may be the libero. The libero is a player that wears a jersey different from the ones that the rest of the team wears. They wear it to show that they can substitute in for any player in the back row of the court at anytime.

What is the name of the volleyball player who can sub at any time?

The libero may replace a back row player at any time.

What is the name of the back row only player added to volleyball a few years ago?

the libero

What are the players in the back row of volleyball?


What are the name of a person in a volleyball game?

A Volleyball Player?

What is the title of the seventh player on an indoor volleyball team?

It is the Libero and that person can only play the back row.

What is the name of player who play Beach volleyball?

One famous beach volleyball player is Misty May Treanor. Also Kerri Welsh is a famous beach volleyball player. Holly McPeak is a famous beach volleyball player. Add on if you know any more beach volleyball players!

What is a Libero in the sports field?

A Libero is a noun and in the sports field is directed to soccer and to volleyball. In soccer the word refers to a player called "The Sweeper" who protects the goal keeper. In Volleyball the word refers to the player who plays in the back row.