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Inspect the goals, the ball, the pitch and the players. Make sure all players and coaches know the rules and if there is anything unique to that match, explain it to the teams.

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coming to the Basketball venue!!

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Q: What are basketball officials responsibilities before a game?
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In basketball what are the Responsibilities of officials?

to keep the players safe, call fouls, and keep the game fair

How many officials are in an NCAA basketball game?


In a college basketball game there are how many officials?


What are the roles of officials in a basketball game?

As with officials in any game their purpose it to make sure the rules of the game are understood and followed by the players.

What Qualifications do officials need in basketball?

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Who officiates basketball?

Yes, a typical organized game of basketball has 2 or 3 officials, or more commonly referred to as referees. They call fouls or violations on players and administer the game.

Where do the officials position themselves in half court basketball game?

at the sideline

When were officials added to the game?

The NBA was founded in 1946. Then the American Basketball Association was founded in 1967 and changed some rules of the game and officials were added.

How many officials are they in a game of basketball?

There are generally 3 officials in a game. In the women's game, the referees are generally females (with a mix of males). In the men's game, there are generally male referees with a few female referees.

What are the responsibilities of the officials?

to keep the players safe, call fouls, and keep the game fair

What are the offiacials in basketball?

The officials in a basketball game are the men or women that call the game, they are the ones that call fouls, call out violations, and maintain the game. They are also called referees. In the NBA they usually wear a grey NBA shirt with sweatpants. There are at least three refs/officials at every NBA game

How does ref check that the ball is inflated before the basketball game?

The best food to eat before a basketball game is soul food