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Q: What are all the teams that have won 100 games in a seaon?
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Is it possible for all 32 NFL teams to have the same record in a single season?

It's possible. All teams would have to win all home or away games and lose all away or home games.

When does seaon 12 of the simpsons come out on DVD?

It has all ready come out, so there is no reason for that question.

How many basketball teams that have made exactly 100 points in one game?

All teams have done this before. It is not uncommon.

How many games played in NHL by all teams in one season?

Lets see, 30 teams play 41 home games so that is 1230 regular season games plus playoff games.

What teams played for all Super Bowl games?

Um.... None.

Baseball team that can not play night games at home?

As of 1950 something, all Major League teams can play night games, as for minor league teams I'm not sure, but I'm sure all of the teams within the AA and AAA leagues can, anything lower i have no clue

Which of the following are not features of all games?

-Winners -Positions -Teams

What is the total number of MLB games during the regular season?

Each team plays 162 games per season. There are 30 teams, and each game has two teams, so the total number of games played by all teams is 162 x 15 = 2,430.

Do all NBA teams play the same number of back to back games in a season?


Which ncaa college basketball teams have won the most games all time?


How many total games are played by all nfl teams during the regular season?

16 games in the regular season

Do the baseball interleague games count in the standings?

They count in the teams overall won-loss record just like all in-league games.