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There is no checking, players cannot lift another opponents stick or perform any stick infractions in order to get the ball, players may not raise their stick or play the ball above their knee level, and a stick cannot be placed in between a player's legs (to avoid tripping, also a penalty).

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hoocking,slashing,crosschecking and bitting some ones toe

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Q: What are 2 names of penalties in hockey?
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What is pim in hockey?

Penalties in minutes

Should fighting penalties in hockey be renamed cat fight penalties?

Yes certainly

What are the time amounts for ice hockey penalties?

there is a 2 minute minor a 5 minute major 10 minute misconduct and suspensions

Who has the most penalties for fighting in the National Hockey League?

Bob probert

What is the correct penalty for checking the goalie in hockey?

2 minutes, most penalties are, except for a cut if bleeding (4 minutes) or other exceptions.

What is PK in hockey?

"PK" in hockey means "penalty kill ." It means that due to penalties, the number of players have been increased .

What are four infractions that will send you to the penalty box?

Hockey? Tripping, slashing, holding, high sticking are four of many penalties in hockey.

In hockey when there's separate penalties and a team scores is the other team's penalty over?

If both teams have penalties, and they are allowed equal number of players on the ice, then neither of the penalties are terminated.

What is the current penalty for headshots in hockey?

In minor hockey it's 4 minutes unless it's accidental, and 10 if there's intent to injure. Professional leagues vary, most are still standard 2 minute penalties

What are the pentlties in hockey?

the penalties in hockey are: hooking, tripping, slashing, interfearance, delay of game, charging, roughing, and i think that's all of them. Hope it helped!!

What does PIMPG in hockey?

The statistic used to track penalties was traditionally called Penalty Infraction Minutes (PIM), although the alternate term Penalties in Minutes has become common in recent years.

What is it called when a player does something illegal in a hockey game?

It is called a penalty go to google and search hockey rules and it will tell you like tripping and all of the other penalties