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Walcott is a product of the Southampton Accademy and started his career with Southampton before joining Arsenal for £5 million in 2006.

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Theo walcott is 20 years old.

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Q: What age did theo walcott start playing for Arsenal?
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How long has Theo Walcott been playing for arsenal?


What number theo walcott wear for arsenal?

Theo Walcott wears jersey number 14, it was worn before by Henry at Arsenal.

What number does Theo Walcott wear for Arsenal?

The Jersey number of Theo walcott is 14, the number worn formerly by theirry Henry at arsenal.

How old is theo walcott arsenal?

He is 21.

When was theo walcott signed to arsenal?


Where did arsenal buy theo walcott?


Where does theo walcott live?


How old was theo walcott when he first played for arsenal?


Who made is international arsenal debut in 2006?

Theo Walcott

Who was the last white Englishman to score a goal for arsenal?

Theo Walcott

When did theo walcott start his career?

morecambe then arsenal came along and he got a trile when he was playing for morecambe school boys he got arrested for rape but it got droped when he tranferd to arsnal

What number is Theo Walcott for arsenal?

He has The number 14 just like thierry :)