What Oakland Raiders wore number 94?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Burgess Owens, Luke Lawton, Chris Hetherington, Johnnie Harris, John Henry Mills, Calvin Jones, Tom Rathman, Dave Waymer, Stefon Adams, Marv Hubbard, Fred Gillett, Bob Dougherty.

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Q: What Oakland Raiders wore number 94?
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What is Kevin Burnett's number on the Oakland Raiders?

Kevin Burnett is number 94 on the Oakland Raiders.

What Nebraska player wore jersey number 94?

Dan BrockDefensive Back 1975

Which players wore number 41 for the Oakland Raiders?

Super-athlete Bo Jackson is the most famous player to wear number 34 for the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders. The Pro Bowl running back wore the number for four seasons (1987-90) before a leg injury forced him into early retirement. Other notable number 34s in Raiders history include Pro Bowl linebacker Gus Otto (1965-72), running back Harold Hart (1974-75), running back Terry Kunz (1976), running back Booker Russell (1978-79), Pro Bowl kick returner/running back Greg Pruitt (1982-84), running back Napoleon McCallum (1986 -- he also wore 41 from 1990-94), fullback Derrick Fenner (1995-97), running back Jermaine Williams (1998-99, 2001), safety Ray Buchanan (2004), running back LaMont Jordan (2005-07) and defensive back Mike Mitchell (2009-11).

What players wore jersey number 94 for the New York Giants?

Zeke Mowatt, for one.

Famous football players who wore number 72?

The Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders have had three noteworthy players who have worn jersey number 72 -- defensive end John Matuszak (1976-81), Pro Bowl center Don Mosebar (1983-94) and All-Pro offensive tackle Lincoln Kennedy (1996-2003).

Who wore jersey number 94 for the ravens?

Justin Bannan is a defensive tackle who wears number 94 for the Ravens. He has played in the NFL for seven years now. Lamar Divens, defensive tackle from Tennessee State

What years did the raiders play in lA?

The Raiders played in the bay area from 1960 through 1981. In 1982 they played their first of thirteen seasons in Los Angeles. After the end of the 1994 season, they relocated back to McAfee Coliseum in Oakland.

What football players wore 55 for the Eagles?

Two excellent linebackers in Philadelphia Eagles history have worn the number 55 -- All-Pro and perennial Pro Bowler Maxie Baughan (1960-65) and Pro Bowler Frank LeMaster (1974-82). Some others include linebackers Mike Reichenbach (1984-89), Ken Rose (1990-94), Ray Farmer (1996-98), Quinton Caver (2001-02), Dhani Jones (2004-06) and Stewart Bradley (2007-08, 2010) and defensive end Darryl Tapp (2011-current as of August 2012).

Who wore number 94 for the Chicago Bears in the 70's and 80's?

Defensive tackle Dick Chapura between 1987-1989.

Why does Dennis Rodman wear number 91?

Bob Love wore the #10 for Chicago and his jersey was retired in the '94-'95 season, so Rodman chose 91 because it adds up to 10 a number he wore while playing for the Pistons and Spurs

Who wore the number 7 shirt for Liverpool in the 1992 1993 season?

Dean Saunders.Deano had the same squad number the season before. The following season (93/94) was Nigel Clough.

What Oakland Raiders wore number 23?

Marques Anderson - 2004 Chris Carr - 2005 Derrick Crudup - 1989, 1991 Bo Dickinson - 1964 Darrien Gordon - 1999-2000 Harold Hart - 1974-75, 1979 Madre Hill - 2002 Ethan Horton - 1987, 1989-93 Jack Larshied - 1960-61 Odis McKinney - 1980-86 Hank Rivera - 1962 Rod Sherman - 1967, 1969-71 Charlie Smith - 1968-74 Lionel Washington - 1987-94, 1997