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The players who wore 72 for the Patriots:

  • Bill Striegel 1960 (5 games)
  • Al Crow 1960 (3 games)
  • Larry Eisenhauer 1961-1969
  • Mel Lunsford 1973-1980 (3 games in 1975, injured, replaced by Patton for rest of season)
  • Jerry Patton 1975 (4 games)
  • Lester Williams 1982-1985
  • Todd Sandham 1987
  • Tim Goad 1988-1994
  • Devin Wyman 1996-1997
  • Sale Isaia 2000
  • Matt Light 2001-2011
  • Joe Vellano 2013-2014
  • Akiem Hicks 2015
  • Frank Kearse 2016
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who wore # 47 for the newengland paitriots

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Q: What New England Patriots players wore number 47?
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Who wore number 63 on the New England Patriots in the 1960s?

The following players wore number 63 for the then Boston Patriots in the 1960's:1960 - 1962 - Charley Leo, Guard1965 - 1968 - Justin Canale, Guard

Who wore number 76 for the New England Patriots in 1979?

No one on the active roster wore the number 76 in 1979 for the Patriots.

What was Daryl stingly's number for New England patriots?

Darryl Stingley wore #84 for the New England Patriots.

Who wore number 99 for New England Patriots in 1998?

Linebacker Vernon Crawford wore #99 for the Patriots in the 1998 season.

What New England patriots wore number 37?

Rodney Harrison

Who wore number forty-two on the New England Patriots?

The most prominent players to wear #42 are Mack Herron, Ronnie Lippett, and BenJarvus Green-Ellis.

What was Drew Bledsoe's Jersey Number for the New England Patriots in 1993?

Drew Bledsoe wore #11 for the Patriots.

Who wore number 96 for the New England Patriots?

Sealver Silga wears it currently.

Who has wore number 10 for the New England Patriots?

Jabar Gaffney and Tiquan Underwood.

Who wore number 95 New England Patriots 1998 roster?

Henry Thomas. Thomas, a defensive tackle, wore #95 for the Patriots between 1997-2000.

Who wore the number 2 for the patriots?

The following players wore #2 for the New England Patriots: Doug Flutie 1987-89, 2005 Dan Miller 1982 Mike Patrick 1975-78 Pat Studstill 1972 Jeff White 1973 Joaquin Zendejas 1983

Who wore Number 35 for the New England Patriots?

Wesley Britt a tackle wears number 65 currently for the Patriots All-AFL defensive tackle Houston Antwine wore number 65 for the Patriots from 1961 through 1971.