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The New York Giants ( GI Aunts)

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Q: What NFL team is associated with Uncle's spouse in the army?
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When your in the army reserve can you play for the army basketball team?

The Army has an athletics programme which is open to members of the Regular Army. If you are referring to the Army basketball team which plays against college basketball teams, the answer is going to be no, as that "Army" basketball team is the team of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

What is referred to the Red Army Team?

who was the red team

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The main teams in "Ender's Game" are Dragon Army, Salamander Army, Rat Army, Asp Army, Tiger Army, Leopard Army, Badger Army, and Tiger Army. These teams are formed by the Battle School to train young cadets in strategic warfare and prepare them for an alien invasion.

What is Australian Army Training Team Vietnam's motto?

Australian Army Training Team Vietnam's motto is 'Persevere'.

When was Australian Army Training Team Vietnam created?

Australian Army Training Team Vietnam was created in 1962.

When did Australian Army Training Team Vietnam end?

Australian Army Training Team Vietnam ended in 1972.

What year did the us army boxing team begin?

The US Army boxing team, also known as the US Army World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) Boxing Team, was established in 1973.

What NFL team had a nickname army ants?

The NFL team that had the nickname army insects was the Giants. This worked out because the word ants was already in their name, and the GI stood for the army.

Who is the team from West Point?

The West Point team is called Army.

How do you be on army basketball team if you join the army?

if ur gud at basketball then you can go in

What are the challenges of associated with team leadership?


Did the us army have a boxing team in the 1950's?

Yes, the US Army had a boxing team in the 1950s. The Army's boxing team was known for producing many successful boxers who eventually went on to compete at the national and international level. The team provided a platform for soldiers with boxing skills to showcase their talent and represent the Army in various competitions.