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Carlos Boozer plays for the Chicago Bulls.

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NBA player Carlos Boozer played for Duke.

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Q: What NBA team does Carlos Boozer play for?
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How much does Carlos Boozer weigh?

NBA player Carlos Boozer weighs 266 pounds.

How old is Carlos Boozer?

Former NBA player Carlos Boozer Jr. is 36 years old (birthdate: November 20, 1981).

What NBA team does Carlos Delfino play for?

Carlos Delfino plays for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Who will be on the US 2008 NBA olympic team?

Dwaight Howard, Dwayne Wade , LeBron James , Chris Bosh , Carmello Anthony , Chris Paul , Kobe Bryant , Carlos Boozer , Michael Redd , Deron Williams , And Tayshaun Prince Are In The Olympic Team.

Did puerto rico beat the dream team?

Yes they did by 19 points. It was on 2004 Olympics in Athena. The first Olympic loss for a dream team. USA team: Lebron, Wade, Duncan, Iverson, Boozer, Jefferson, Stoudamire, among others. The Puerto Rican team only had one NBA player; Carlos Arroyo and he scored 24. The Dream team finished with bronze medal.

Do you play as a team in nba 2k9 team play?


Which NBA team do most people from Alaska root for?

Most Alaskans root for teams in Washington, since it's the closest state. So, it was the Supersonics before they moved to Oklahoma, and also Utah Jazz since Carlos Boozer is from Alaska. Or just any teams in the West Coast.

Who is left to play which team?


Who was the first pick in the 1959 NBA Draft?

Bob Boozer by the Cincinnati Royals

Has an nba team ever played an ncaa team?

no but i would like to see ncaa power house play an nba team

How many NBA games do a NBA team play?

In the NBA, no team will play three games back-to-back-to-back, however they will play 2 consecutive games, get one day off (usually a team practice day) and then play two more games back-to-back.

NBA players with number 5 jersey?

Josh Smith on the Atlanta Hawks, for one..