What MLB player gets paid the most?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The highest paied playin in the 2012 season is Albert P. from the angles :)

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Q: What MLB player gets paid the most?
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Who make more money mlb or nba?

Its Cricket at 1st place and then football

Is ichiro the highest paid MLB player?


Highest paid professional baseball player in 2002?

Who was the highest paid MLB player in 1996?

Who gets paid the most in Major League Baseball?

In my opinion, it is Alex Rodriguez..Yankees player Alex Rodriguez, signed the biggest MLB contract ever for $275,000,000 (275 million!!) in 2007 for 2008-17.

Who is the highest paid pitching coach in MLB?

Joe Torre of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He gets paid $4.3 million

Who is the highest paid player in MLB and how many years is contract?

Alex Rodriguez is the highest paid player and he's getting paid $32 million in 2011.

Is a MLB player paid while suspended?

Typically, NFL players don't get paid to play basketball.

Best paid MLB player in 2oo8?

Alex Rodriguez. New York Yankees.

Average salary in MLB in the 60's?

The average salary of an MLB player in 1964 was 14,863 US dollars. 1964 was the first year salary statistics for MLB were recorded. The highest paid MLB player that year was Willie Mays who earned $105,000.

Who chooses the World Series MVP?

The World Series MVP is given to the player that gets the most votes from a combination of sports writers, MLB officials, and fans.

Who is the highest paid MLB draft pick ever?

Johan Santana has the largest contract for a pitcher, with $132 million guaranteed for 6 years (an average of $22 million per year). He will make another $18.75 million if the Mets keep him for a seventh season, and $5.5 million if they do not.

What professional sport in the world has the highest paid players?

It depends. Some players in the nfl are paid higher than the players in the mlb. Some players in the mlb are higher paid than players in the nfl. It all depends on the player.