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It all depends on what happens to the other player, if he/she goes to ground as a result of your late challenge the opposing team may be awarded a free kick or penalty kick if the challenge was inside the box, however if your late tackle does not affect the oppositons possession of the ball the referee may call play on where the opposition tries to play advantage, however if they lose the ball quickly the referee can call the ball back to where you made the late challenge and award a free kick or penalty kick. If you bring an opponent down with a late challenge from behind you are likely to be issued with a yellow or red card depending on the severity of the incident. The best thing to do is to ensure you make a good tackle and win the ball cleanly.

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Q: What If happens if you tackle someone in soccer but don't get the ball?
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How do you get a foul in a soccer game?

by commiting a bad tackle or a hand ball.

Is a player allowed to tackle when the other team has the soccer ball?


Is it legal to slide tackle in indoor soccer?

i think it is but u should ask a soccer coach

What is it called when you take the ball away from another player in American Soccer?


What is it called when the defender slides and attempts to take the ball from their appoment in soccer?

it's called a tackle ITs called a SLIDE tackle

Young soccer player tips?

learn how to slide tackle the ball before you hit the person. kick a ball against a wall and test your aiming with the soccer ball. If you call it soccer you should go play handegg instead.

What are all the penalties in soccer?

pushing,shoving,grabing the ball with your hands,tackle from behind,kick the ball in front of the goalie, and grab the ball if your the goalie is a no no!

What is required to play soccer?

Goalkeeper should not come out to kick a soccer ball. And all players have to play carefully. If you tackle someone or make somebody hurt, you might get the yellow card for warning or red card. And there are more rules!!!

What does the term slide mean in a soccer game?

'slide' Is part of the tackle 'Slide tackle' Which is when you side along the ground to try and fairly get a ball from a player of the opposite team.

What happens to a soccer ball if it is kicked below the centre?

Generally, a soccer ball kicked below the center will go upward.

What happens when a player touches the soccer ball with their hands when he was supposed to kick a penalty?

Disqualification happens when a player touches the soccer ball with their hands when he was supposed to kick a penalty

What does it mean to tackle in soccer?

The closest thing to a rugby or football tackle in soccer is a shoulder charge where shoulder to shoulder contact is made. By the rules hip bumps and using arms, hands, or elbows are not permitted though some of this goes on without being called. Also a referee may elect to not call a foul if the team that is the victim of a foul still has possession of the ball especially while executing an attack. The term "tackle" in soccer refers to kicking the ball that is in possession of an opposing player. That player may or may not fall as a result. A successful tackle dispossesses the oppent of the ball by making contact with the ball first. It is still termed a tackle if there is no contact with the opposing player's foot and if the opposing player does not fall. Contact with the opposing player which causes that player to fall is generally permitted if contact is made with the ball first and if the tackle is not from behind the opposing player.