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blue green white

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Q: What 3 colours are on the canucks uniform?
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What are the team Vancouver canucks colours?

green blue white

What were the colours of the German and the British uniform?

The colours of German and British uniform were grey and khaki respectively

What is Kevin Bieksa's number on the Vancouver Canucks?

Kevin Bieksa is number 3 on the Vancouver Canucks.

What colours is the french olympic sports uniform?

light blue

Whats markus naslunds favourite color?

It's green, alighter green and a navy. Those aren't the canucks colours if that's what your thinikng

What number did Pat Quinn Wear when he played for the canucks?


How much are canucks tickets for 3 year olds?


What do cheerleaders wear under their uniform when its cold?

I am a cheerleader and in the winter under my uniform i wear a long sleaved top the same colours as my squad uniform ! Hope this helps x

What colours were there uniform in world war 1?

Brown/Baige Dark Green I Think

What color is the Uruguay uniform for soccer?

The colours of the Uruguayan football jersey is Blue, White and Black

Name 3 former Vancouver canucks players?

Morrison Naslund Bertuzzi

How many playoff wins Edmonton Oilers against the Vancouver canucks?

1986: Oilers defeated Canucks 3 (games) - 0 (games) in Smythe Division Semifinals 1992: Oilers defeated Canucks 4 (games) - 2 (games) in Smythe Division Finals