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In late 1963 or early 1964, I met an elderly man who was touring the country as retired Texas Ranger, Ed Hiler. I was about 14 years old, and this man was brought to the Wade Hampton Mall in Greenville, South Carolina as a promotional attraction. He wore western clothes and two Colt .45 pistols, which he said were commemorative Centennial pistols given to him by the Colt company. They were either silver or nickel plated, and very beautiful. He said that he rode with a group that was chasing Pancho Villa, and that one of Villa's men attacked him with a knife, trying to slit his throat. He showed me the edge of his hand with a deep scar, which he said he received while blocking the attack.

He said that he had know Wyatt Earp, and that when Earp on on his death bed in Los Angeles, Earp gave him his Derringer pistol.

I don't remember much else, but I still have a card (post card size) with Ed Hiler's picture on it.

It would be very interesting to be able to verify the truth of this man's claims, but there must be something to it, as he was there all day at the mall and was being billed as an attraction to come see.

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Q: Was there a Texas Ranger named Ed Hiler?
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