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No It Was Not. It Is In Jacksonville Florida And There Used To Be Alligators Everywhere.

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Q: Was the Gator Bowl named after the Florida Gators?
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Who won the 2012 gator bowl?

The Florida Gators.

Who is the home team for the 2012 Gator Bowl game?

In the 2012 Gator Bowl, the Florida Gators will be the home team when they face the Ohio State Buckeyes in Jacksonville, Florida.

What was the name of the first bowl game the Florida Gators played in?

That was the Gator Bowl played on January 1, 1953. The Gators defeated Tulsa 14-13.

Who won the Gator Bowl in 1953?

The Gators won 14-13.

What bowl will the Florida gators go to in the 2010-2011 season?

Most likely they will go to the gator bowl. Which is cool if u r a Gator fan. (Like me) The gators will play probably one of these teams Penn state, Michigan, Wisconsin, or Iowa. If you are a gator fan you probably want the gators to play Penn state or Michigan because they will be able to keep up with them in a game. If they play Iowa or Wisconsin then it will be very tough to keep up with them. Oops never mind the gators will probably not play Wisconsin because it looks like Wisconsin is going to the rose bowl.

Which Florida city hosts the Gator Bowl?

Jacksonville, Florida

What state is gator bowl held in?


What bowl was Florida gators in 2007?

The Florida Gators lost to the Michigan Wolverines, 41 - 35, in the 2008 Capital One Bowl after the 2007 college football season

What actors and actresses appeared in 1958 Gator Bowl - 1958?

The cast of 1958 Gator Bowl - 1958 includes: Bobby Franklin as Himself - Mississippi Rebels Quarterback (Co-MVP) Bobby Joe Green as Himself - Florida Gators Punter John Vaught as Himself - Mississippi Rebels Head Coach

Who is Michigan playing for a bowl game in 2010?

Florida Gators

Who won the Gator Bowl in 1985?

Florida State won the 1985 Gator Bowl over Oklahoma State. The score was Florida State-34 Oklahoma State-23.

Who is the gator bowl home team for 2011?

the gator bowl matches up teams from the big east and acc