Was superbowl 48 rigged

Updated: 10/25/2022
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One point of view:

I think it was, for 1 reason... there is no way the #1 ranked offense lost to the #1 ranked defense 48 to 8! Plus a ref heard Peyton Manning talking too the Seahawks head coach saying, "When are you gonna pay up?" This concludes that Superbowl XLVIII was rigged.

Another point of view:

There is no way that in this day and age a team that had reached the Superbowl finals ever would "sell" it to an opponent, if only because every move on the field is closely followed and analyzed by experts, which of course includes most of the general public.

There has been an enormous amount of comment on the reasons for the Bronco's big-figure defeat, but the game being rigged was not mentioned in even one of those comments. For the countless other possible reasons, search the internet.

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Q: Was superbowl 48 rigged
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