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Austria-Hungary placed impossible demands on Serbia.

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Q: Was any one country to blame for world war 1?
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Which country failed the Bay of Pigs invasion?

The US traditionally gets the blame for this one.

Who was blamed for World War 2?

Yes because Germany invaded Poland and Hitler committed suicide so yes they should blame Germany No, no, no. You can not blame a whole country for one mans mistakes. That's what Hitler did to the Jews, and that's what you're doing to the Germans. If you want someone to blame, blame Adolf Hitler. Blame Joseph Goebbels. Blame Hermann Goering. But not Germany.

Who was to blame for World War I?

the one who start ww1 is the Serbian mongolio iv

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japan does not touch any country because it is an island. Even though it is an island it is one of the most populated country in the world and it is one of the worlds richest and high tech country in the world

What country is to blame for the attack on new york 911?

There was no one country to blame, the attack was perpetrated by a group of terrorists motivated by hate and a perverted religious belief that they call Islam but that most Muslim people would not recognise as true Islam. The Us was attacked by an Idea not a country!

What country was forced to take the blame for World War 1?

There was no one that took the blame for world war 1, but there where several things that led up to it.The alliances, dragging all the counrys into the warSerbia assasanating the king and queen of austriagermanys jelousyAnd that's only 3 of loads

When was No One Is to Blame created?

No One Is to Blame was created in 1985.

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When did things erupt with the holocaust?

After World War One ended. The countries that were destroyed by the Germans demanded that they pay to have them fixed. Germany became a poor country with hardly any food to feed themselves. Adolf Hitler, who fought in World War One, blamed the Jews for what had happened to them. Germany believed him since there was a solution to regain their former glory and they had someone to blame for losing it in the first place.

How World War 2 started?

Hitler wanted someone to blame for the loss of world war one and he blamed the Jews

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