Was Kordell Stewart in the Pro Bowl?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Yes. Kordell Stewart was selected to the Pro Bowl once, that being in the 2001 season.

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Q: Was Kordell Stewart in the Pro Bowl?
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Does kordell Stewart still play pro football?

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How tall is Kordell Stewart?

Kordell Stewart is 6' 1".

Did Kordell Stewart ever win a Super Bowl?

No, Kordell never won nor played in a Super Bowl. No Kordell Stewart never won a Super Bowl but he did play in Super Bowl XXX (30) as a wide receiver/backup QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers when they lost to the Dallas Cowboys 27 to 17. He had 3 yard 4th down run which netted a first down.

What nicknames does Kordell Stewart go by?

Kordell Stewart goes by Slash.

When was Kordell Stewart born?

Kordell Stewart was born on October 16, 1972.

What was the name of the Pittsburgh quarterback who wore number 10?

Kordell Stewart Kordell Stewart

Is Jonathan Stewart - Kordell Stewart's brother?


Where was Kordell Stewart born?

Former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart was born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

How old is Kordell Stewart?

Kordell Stewart was cut by the Baltimore Ravens in late 2005. He was their third string quarterback, serving as Anthony Wright's backup while Kyle Boller was injured.

Is Kordell Stewart still playing in the NFL?

No, Kordell Stewart's final season in the NFL was 2005 with the Baltimore Ravens.

Did Kordell Stewart take the Pittsburgh Steelers to a Super Bowl?

No, he did not. Terry Bradshaw, Neil O'Donnell and Ben Roethlisberger are the only Steelers Super Bowl starting quarterbacks. Kordell Stewart did play on the 1995 team that went to Super Bowl XXX. But as a quarterback during the season he was 5 of 7 in passing attempts/completions. He was used primarily as a receiver/rusher.

Is Kordell Stewart married?