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Q: Was Brett favre been to a Cleveland cavaliers game?
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Has Brett Favre ever been arrested?

No, he is a good boy!

How many pro bowls has Brett Favre been to?


Has Brett Favre been a Chicago bear?

He has never been a Chicago Bear.

What does Brett Favre weigh?

Brett Favre has always been listed at 222 pounds. It's hard to believe that his weight never fluctuated, but 222 has been the standard. His height is listed at 6'2.

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What is the most times Brett Favre has been sacked in a season?


Was Brett Favre always number 4?

Yes he always has been.

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How many of Brett Favre's interceptions have been returned for touchdowns?


Did the cavaliers have a different name when they came to the nba?

No they have always been the Cleveland cavaliers but they have had about 5 different Logos.

How many times Cleveland cavaliers been to the championship?


What afl teams has Brett Favre been on?

The New York Jets in 2008