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Q: Was Aaron Rodgers ever convicted of anything?
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Who is the best nfl quarterback player ever?

aaron rodgers

Has Tom Brady ever versed Aaron Rodgers?

No they have never versed

Was Jesus ever convicted of sodomy?

No, Jesus was never convicted of anything.

Has aaron rodgers ever thrown a pick six?

Aaron. Rodgers has ne'er thrown a interception returned for a touchdown in his NFL career. He only has had a fumble returned for a touchdown in the wildcard matchup in overtime at Arizona against the cardinals

Who caught Aaron Rodgers first ever regular season touchdown pass in the NFL?

i was greg jennings

Did Aaron Rodgers ever play baseball?

No, he didn't play baseball in college. He played football at University of California.

Why are the packers better than the vikings?

the packers are better because they have won 3 super bowls, including the very first super bowl ever!! Obviously Aaron Rodgers is better

Is Aaron Rodgers a mobile quarter back?

Aaron Rodgers is definitely a mobile quarterback, and if you have ever watched him play, you wouldn't need to ask this. He can roll out of the pocket, step up in the pocket, and generally avoid any pass rushers. He had 207 yards last year on the ground and 4 touchdowns. he was only sacked 34 times, mainly because of a porous offensive line

Who was the packers first quarterback?

When the Packers started, the QB position wasn't as dominant as we know it today. According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, Adolph Kliebhan played QB in the Packers' first league game in 1921. But that was the only game he ever played in. Founder-coach Curly Lambeau was, for all intents and purposes, what we think of today as the quarterback. Even though he played halfback, he threw both passes for the Packers in that first league game.

How do you answer have you ever been convicted of a crime if it was a misdemeanor?

a misdemenor ISNT considered a crime The correct answer is YES. If the question is have you been convicted of a crime. If the question is have you been convicted of a felony then your answer should be no.

Did Ginger Rodgers ever dance with her 29 year old grandson?


When applying for a notary do you have to say yes to have you ever been convicted of a crime if it was a DUI?

If you were convicted, yes.