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Only as much as Peyton Manning's autograph is worth at the time + $50, because a Wilson jersey does not add any value. Wilson brand is not authentic or "genuine". Not very collectable.

However, a "Authentic" Pro Line Jersey autograph, is something very special that can sell for much higher prices because they are made on rare occasions, for rare autograph signings. In my experience, valued somewhere between $3800-$4500 with a coa 1998 rookie date signing in the state of CA.

However, as of 3/7/12.... This price may increase to anywhere from $4200 to upwards of $8500 or MORE due to the current circumstances of Peyton Manning signing with a different NFL team, which ALWAYS increases the value of original rookie teams signed apparel.

Peyton Manning has been labeled as one of the best quarterbacks ever in the NFL and fans today have been known to pay loads of money to get their hands on any and all of his signed merchandise. ROOKIE signed apparel is very unique and can sell for unlimited values, because it has a date and it can never be duplicated EVER AGAIN!!!

The highest price that I have seen for a genuine Reebok rookie year signed Peyton Manning autographed jersey with coa, went for $18500. This was a auction in 2007.

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Q: Value of a Wilson coa signed Peyton Manning rookie jersey?
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