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The two most commonly used defense formations are a 23 zone which is when you have your two guards (shooting guard and point guard) at the top, and the 3 posts (middle, high, low) at the bottom, and you play a position, not a person. The other one is a man to man, which is when one person guards one exact other opponent, and stays with them, unles you switch with another person's man.

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not sure if you're referring to NBA or not, but I'm going to answer as though you're NOT referring to NBA.

The most common defense at the college level is man to man and match up zones. (various types). Jim Boeheim has a very good 2-3 that he primarily runs.

I coach high school, and the most common defense I see is 2-3, with the occasional man to man, and I know that that's what most of my opponents see, so I run 3 defenses that are rarely seen, and that usually throw off the opposition.

My primary defense is a 1-2-2. When teams start to figure that out a bit, I'll go to a 3-2, which resembles a 1-2-2, but has different principles, so the offense has to adjust. Also, I'll try to throw in some 3-2 if a team has solid outside shooters.

I don't know if I can answer for everyone, but the most common 5 I've come across are 2-3, Man to Man, 3-2, 1-2-2, & 1-3-1.

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Some well known Basketball defenses are the 2-3 zone and the man to man defense.

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Zone 2-3 3-2 sometimes 2-1-2

Straight up man, double team ball,guy


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Q: Two types of defense techniques in basketball?
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the zone and player-player!

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Three types of defense in basketball are: • Zone • Man-to-Man • a Hybrid of the first two (box and one, diamond and one, or triangle and two) - now what does this have to do with memorabilia?

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man to man and zone

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In basketball, the two types of defense a team mostly plays are called man-to-man and zone. The man-to-man defense is where the responsibility of a player on defense is to guard a player on the offense. In the zone defense, the responsibility of the player on defense is to patrol a specific area, or zone, of the court. Click on the 'Zone Defense' link on this page to read an article to learn more.

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There are two kinds of gaurds in basketball the Point Guard which carries the ball down the court (usually small) the shooting gaurd which defends the other teams shooting gaurd alos quiet small and also drives the ball down court

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on defense technique is a pick. that's when you guard another player that's going after the ball without calling a foul. Another defense technique is guard. That's when you guard one players and one player only. you have to stay in front of him or her and copy their every move.

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