Top 10 fastest throwing MLB pitchers?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Joel Zumaya Justin Verlander, Tim Lincecum, Stephon Strausburg, Bobby Jenks, Jonathan Broxton, Billy Wagner, Matt Lindstom, Robb Nen , Brad Lidge

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Q: Top 10 fastest throwing MLB pitchers?
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What is the equivelence of a softball pitch to a fastball in MPH?

College fastpitch pitchers average in the 70s. MLB players pitch in the 90s and occassionly top 100mph.

Who are the top fifteen pitchers for most scoreless innings pitched?

Click on the 'Scoreless Innings Leaders' link on this page to see a list of MLB career leaders of scoreless innings pitched.

How fast is the fastest baseball ever pitched?

from the 60 feet, 6 inches mound, the fastest pitchers in the MLB have probably thrown in the mid 100-s miles pe hour. Most professional pitchers throw somewhere between 88-95 mileper hour as their top speed. Steve Dalkowski, who was a pitcher in the Baltimore Orioles system is sometimes considered the fastest pitcher in baseball history. There was no radar gun to test his exact speed back then (1950s-1960s) but it is said he regularly threw above 100 mph, and hit 110 mph on a few occurences during the prime of his career.

Who are the top 25 fastest Major League Baseball players?

Sorry but I can only name the top 10 fastest MLB players. As of 2012, I would say: 10. Ichiro Suzuki 9. Andrew McCutchen 8. Nyjer Morgan 7. BJ Upton 6. Jose Reyes 5. Emilio Bonifacio 4. Cameron Maybin 3. Coco Crisp 2. Tony Campana 1. Michael Bourn These are in my personal opinion the 10 fastest mlb players. Please dont get mad if I missed your favorite speedster, I'm doing this off the top of my head! Please respond to this message and show me your top 10 and see how we compare. GO MLB AND THE TERRIBLE CHICAGO CUBS! (Winners in my heart!)

Who are the 3 best pitchers for the seattle mariners?

The top 3 pitchers for the Seattle mariners are Randy Johnson, Felix Hernandez and Jamie Moyer.

What is the average 12u AAU softball pitching speed?

This would be typical average pitching speeds expected however there's always exceptions. For example I've seen 12U girls with pitching MPH speeds in the 60's 10-Under Typical 37-41 MPH Top Pitchers 43-46 12-Under Typical 44-47 MPH Top Pitchers 50-53 14-Under Typical 46-49 MPH Top Pitchers 52-55 16-Under Typical 50-53 MPH Top Pitchers 54-57 18-Under Typical 53-56 MPH Top Pitchers 58-61 College Typical 59-64 MPH Top Pitchers 65-72

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babe ruth ted williams carl crawford

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