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Q: There is only one team out of the 4 divisions in England and the 4 divisions in Scotland that have a 'j' in their name?
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What does only England shares a border with Scotland mean?

It means as it says, that the only country that Scotland has a border with is England.

What were the bordering nations of Scotland?

England, and only England.

Does Scotland border spain?

No, Scotland's only border is with England.

What is Scotland's borders?

Scotland has only 1 land border. it is between Scotland and England.

What other countries was Scotland at war with?

Only England

What countries are adjoining to Scotland?

The only bordering country is England, the rest of Scotland is surrounded by water.

When and why were England and Scotland re-united?

Scotland and England were united in 1707. This is the first and only time they were united and therefore have never been reunited.

What other countries do Scotland share borders with?

Only England

What are the bording countries and oceans of Scotland?

England is the country on the south border of Scotland. As Britain is an island that is the only country bordering Scotland. The Irish sea between Scotland and Ireland. The North Atlantic ocean.

Does Scotland border four or more countries?

Noon. Only one country borders Scotland - England.

What are the bordering countries of Scotland?

Only England shares a border with Scotland.

What 8 countries border england?

Only 2 countries border England. They are Wales and Scotland.