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It is Inter Milans coach Jose Mourinho.

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Q: The most richest football player in 2009?
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Who is the most richest football player in Africa 2009?

The richest footballer in Africa in 2009 was the Cameroon striker Samuel Etoo.

Which is the most richest Football player?

it has to obviously be Cristiano Ronaldo

The most richest football player in 2010?

It is either Ronaldo or Beckham.

Which football competition is the richest?

The richest football league by both Net Worth and revenue is the English Premier League. The second would be the German Bundesliga.These are statistics from 2009-2010, they could change over the years.

Which football club is the most richest club in the world?

Manchester United

Who is the most famous Egyptian football player?

Ahmed Hossam ( Mido ) is the richest Egyptian player, but Mohamed Abu Treka is the richest Egyptian player plays in Egypt

Who is the most richest player?

i believe tiger woods

Who is the richest college football coach?

Jim tressel is he is piad the most and also has the most money in the bank

Who are the most richest 2009 hip hop musicians?

Eminem because of his realness :)

Who are the richest football players for 2008?

Six of the most popular football stars in 2008 are:Christiano RonaldoFernando TorresLionel MessiLuca ToniXaviZlatan Ibrahimovic

Who is the best football team in the UK?

the richest in the uk is manchester city but the most succesful team is manchester united

Which sports is the 5 biggest in the world?

In terms of the richest in money, the richest are:Formula 1,Football (soccer),American Football,Golf,and either Baseball/Basketball/Boxing taking 5th place.The most popular sport worldwide is football (soccer). It has the largest number of professional participants also.