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In 2017: Steaua, Astra, Dinamo, Viitorul, Universitatea Craiova, etc.

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Q: The most popular football teams in Romania?
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The most popular teams in Romania?

For football: Steaua, Dinamo, Universitatea Craiova, CFR Cluj, Viitorul, Astra.

Which football team is the most popular?

The Green Bay Packers is one of the most popular teams in American football.

What is the most played sport in Romania?

soccer, gymnastics, kayak/canoe, tennis, hiking, skiing

Which two football teams in France are the most popular?

Lyon And Marseille

Which team is the most popular in Romania?

Football: Steaua Bucureşti (Steaua is the equivalent of Star)Other teams: Dinamo and Rapid from Bucharest, CFR and Universitatea from Cluj, Politehnica from Timişoara, Universitatea from Craiova, Farul from Constanţa, etc.

Does Romania play soccer?

Yes, there are soccer teams in all European countries. It is the most popular and spectacular sport in Europe,

What are the most popular sports teams in the state of Connecticut?

no. there are the Celtics which are in Boston

What is the main sport in Romania?

The main sport in Romania is gymnastics. It isn't as popular there anymore though. It is important to distinguish between the sport that is most popular and the sport at which a nation has done well in the Olympics. For sure, Romania has done well at the Olympics in Gymnastics but that does not mean it is the most popular sport. Generally the most popular sport in any European country is Football (Soccer) because it is the sport played by most people who participate in sport.

For little league football teams what is the most popular uniform colour?

The most popular colors of uniforms for Little League football teams is often white or black jersey and either black, white, or grey pants. Other jersey colors include red, grey, and blue.

What are the 4 most popular team sports in US?

It depends on what sport. NFL is the most popular sport and the three most popular teams are Packers, Patriots, and Falcons.

Who is the best football team in the league?

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What are Nebraska's major sports teams?

Football tends to be the most popular sport in Nebraska.