The break is an offensive style?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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In Basketball and handball, the fast break is considered an offensive strategy

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Q: The break is an offensive style?
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What is the difference between a fast-break and a slow-break offensive style?

The "Fast-Break" offensive style offers fast movement from one part of the court to another and a chance for scoring.The "Slow-Break" offensive: Slower, more deliberate play characterizes the slow break style. This technique calls for more thoughtful action; players manuver carefully in order to shoot in this type of offense.

Why id the slow-break offensive style not as interesting or exciting to watch as some other techniques?

I don't think that the slow-break is one of the most exiting styles because its just seems to boring

Slow break style requires this of action?

In basketball, a slow break style requires a thoughtful action

What is the difference between a fast break and slow break offensive style?

In basketball, when you're on a fast break, that means you got the rebound and sprinted to the other side of the court as quickly as possible. A slow break is the exact opposite of that. The only thing is you have to get to the other side of the court in 15 seconds, or else it's a violation.

How did the ludendorff offensive help break the stalemate?

The Ludendorff Offensive used new strategies and tactics based on rapid advancement and surprise to help break the stalemate. It was only effective up to the Fifth.

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off break

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