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Q: The 43rd president owned the Texas ranger baseball team?
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Which president once owned the Texas ranger?

George W. Bush

Which president owned a major league baseball team?

The 43rd president of the United States of America, George W. Bush was a co-owner of the Texas Rangers.

What was gorge w bushes occupation before becoming president?

President George W. Bush was in the oil business, co-owned the Texas Rangers baseball team and served as the governor of Texas before becoming president of the United States.

What president owned a major league baseball team?

George W. Bush was once part owner of the Texas Rangers. There may have been others.

Who owned Texas ranger baseball team?

The Greenberg Group are the collective owners of the Texas Rangers at present, with the two major co-owners being Hank Greenberg and current Rangers club president Nolan Ryan. Actually Nolan Ryan and CHUCK Greenberg were minority owners of the Rangers. Ray Davis and Bob Simpson are majority owners. Chuck Greenberg owned about 1 percent before being forced out the door yesterday. Hank Greenberg was a baseball player in the 30s and 40s for Detroit Tigers.

What president once owned a major league basketball team?

Current President George W. Bush - the Texas Rangers Baseball Team. Now former

Who owned Texas when Washington was President?

In 1789 Texas was Spanish territory. It didn't exist as Texas and it will take another 100 years before it does.

Who owned the horse was named Little Texas?

Theodore Roosevelt, 26th president of the United States

What jobs did geroge w bush have?

owned a baseball team, president of the USA, owned an oil company,

What was George Bush's former occupation?

Before George bush was a president, his former occupation was governor of Texas. He unsuccessfully ran for House of representatives before that and also co-owned the baseball team, the Texas Rangers.

Where did Walker Texas Ranger live?

He lived on a ranch that was owned by his Uncle Ray- a Cherokee Indian who adopted him after his parents were murdered when he was just a boy. He worked at an office located in Dallas, Texas.

What us president sent john Slidell to Mexico with an offer to buy the disputed land in Texas and the Mexican owned territories of?

president james k. polk