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SUPER IMPORTANT CAUTION: IF YOUR SHOES DOES NOT FIT SNUGGLY, THAT IS A MAIN REASON YOU GET BLISTERS. WHEN YOU ORDER, BY THE SO THEY FIT REALLY TITE. ONCE YOU BREAK INTO THEM, THEY WILL FIT PERFECT AND YOU WONT GET BLISTERS IF YOU FOLLOW THE FOLLOWING INSTRUCTIONS. The reason everybody gets blisters is because all of you guys break into your cleats while playing. You stop getting blisters once you break into the cleats. So here is how you dont get blisters: 1) As soon as you buy your cleats, dont play with them rite away. Wear them indoors first to stetch them out a little. By not running with them right away, you dont get blisters. wear them indoors for like 2 hrs straight. (by wearing them indoors does not mean wear them and watch tv... it means walk around your house , go up and down stairs with carpet,etc) 2) By wearing them indoors, you have sort of started to break into the cleats without any hardcore activity. Once you take off the cleats, put a tennis ball in the heal because that is one of the main places where you will get blisters. by putting a tennis ball in the heal, you break into the heal area of the shoe. 3) After the previous two steps, go RUN LIGHTLY at the park. Dont do any hardcore activity. then start to run with a ball and kind of start sprinting. By now your cleats should be beautifly stretched and completely broken in to. plus they are broken in and there in new condition. Go have a blister free vapor!!!

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Q: Stop blisters from mercurial vapor soccer boots?
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