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Awesome, enough said highly reccommand these skates!

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Q: Specs of nike Bauer vapor xxxx hockey skates?
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Where are Bauer hockey skates made?

Bauer hockey gear can be purchased from Bauer's site. Bauer offers a variety of hockey gear, including sticks, skates, goalie gear, pants, gloves, and helmets.

What is the smallest hockey skate available?

the smallest hockey skates are size Jr. 1. ------------------------------ The smallest ice hockey skates available are youth size 6. The Bauer Vapor X1.0 and Bauer Supreme One20 are both available in that size.

Which skates are better RBK pump skates or Nike Bauer vapour?

Nike Bauer Vapor

What hockey stick is better The Bauer Vapor X6.0 or the Bauer Vapor X60 And why?

bauer vapor x6.0

What skates does Marion gaborik wear?

Bauer Vapor 40's Bauer Vapor 40's

Where can you find Bauer vapor xxx skates?

at perainsis

Can you buy the nike Bauer vapor xxv hockey laces without buying the skates?

go to Last one on the page called smoke is identiccal to the original bauer skate laces

What hockey skates do the pros use?

Most players are sponsored and wear the brands they represent. But big name skates in the NHL are the Rbk 9k pump skates. Nike Bauer Ones are popular. and mission is still big in skates

What kind of skates does malkin use?

Bauer vapor x60

What is the difference between Bauer flexlite vapor and supreme skates?

The look, the design, the feel, many things.

What hockey stick is more worth it Bauer Vapor X7.0 or the X6.0?


When does the new line of nike Bauer vapor ice skates come out?

The next nikebayer skates to be released will come out in April of 2009 they will be called the nikebauer vapor x:60 and they will start at about 500$.Visit to see a picture of them.