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Q: Should the riser in my new shower stall be attached to a support with a drop-eared elbow?
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Can you have a shower room attached to your kitchen?

Uhm.... i believe so

When you flush the toilet the shower drips how do you fix?

You can change the seals on your shower to ensure that you don't have a leak. You can also make sure that your fixtures are firmly attached to the shower head.

Should you shower now or tomorrow?

Ideally, you should shower daily.

Do any fabric shower curtains come with a built-in vinyl liner?

Yes, there are several companies that make shower curtains with liners attached.

What shower value should I use?

Depends what shower you have.

Should you shower after you eat?

No, You Should Actually Eat Before You Have A Shower, Better For Your Digestion.

You are a father and you shower with your daughter she is only 28 months should you not do that or when is it the age you should not shower with her?

no you weirdo

How high should shower control be?

The shower control should be about an average of 30 to 36 inches from the floor of the shower. That makes it easy to reach and manipulate.

Why should I instal a steam shower in my basement?

Installing a steam shower in the basement is not a good idea. The steam shower should be installed in the nbathroom of your home.

What are baby shower tags used for?

Baby shower tags are often used to personalize a gift or a prize. The tags are usually attached to the gift and the giver of the can personalize a message.

Can a shower on off handle break the main copper line from wear and tear on it or is it from misuse?

If the valve is being supported only by the water line, the line could break from normal use. The valve should be supported either by the tub/shower wall or by a board or bar inside the wall attached to the framing. If there was no such support, I'd call that a poor installation. If the valve was mounted properly, I'd say it would take misuse to detatch it and damage the water line.

Should you shower after sex?

Yes you should