Should the Bulls keep Tyrus Thomas?

Updated: 12/16/2022
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Yes because without him the bulls woundn,t be such a good dunking team

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Q: Should the Bulls keep Tyrus Thomas?
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yes if they can keep them under control and not for the wrong reason like using them in fights

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Pit bulls keep their teeth throughout life. Some unsavory owners remove their dog's teeth so they can force it to breed.

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No. Any dogs, pit bulls included, get mean from abuse, lack of proper socialization...things such as that. With pit bulls, it tends to be lack of proper socialization more than anything.

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Holler, scream as loud as you can, make yourself as big as possible, and make sure carry a solid stick with you in case one of the bulls decides to challenge you (head shaking, pawing, growling, etc.) If you can't chase them off yourself, then phone the police or the owner of the bulls and get them or him to get the bulls off your yard. Then, if this keeps happening, build a good sturdy fence around your yard, and talk to the bulls' owner about him trying to keep his bulls from getting out of their pasture. Be polite, and negotiate.

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Yes as they are both ruminants.Another Opinion:No. Your bulls will have a hey-day with the goats especially if the bulls see them as not part of they're not a part of the herd. By "hey-day" I mean you'll get a bunch of goats with some injuries, and even some fatalities of the bulls are really too rough with them, because they will head-butt them and go after them when they get in the same pasture or corral with them. Your bulls may seem nice and calm now, but they won't be too nice to your goats if they don't recognize them as part of the herd. So if I were you, I would keep your goats and bulls separated. Sure they're both ruminants and both eat grass, but that's nothing compared to how your bulls will behave when goats get in with them.And are we really talking about bulls here? Are you sure they're bulls? Here's a tip: don't go by the fact that they have horns they're bulls, because that is definitely not true. Look between the hind legs: if there's an udder, then these "bulls" are in fact cows, not bulls. If there's a hairy sheath under the belly and a pair of testicles hanging in the back-legs, then they're bulls.

What is the number of bulls required for the cow herd during the breeding season?

It depends on the size of the cowherd itself. A cowherd of only 2 or 5 cows should only require the services of an AI technician or a leased bull, since it is not at all cost effective to keep a bull around. A producer should only consider owning a bull if their cowherd gets to be around 25 to 50 cows. A cowherd of 100 cows requires two bulls: 250 requires around 5 bulls, and so on. The larger the cow herd, typically the more bull power is required.

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