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He should be prepared to have this haunt him for the rest of his life. In this age of digital connectivity, the digital pictures will NEVER go away. It will destroy any chance of a political career, and will follow you to your jobs, and resurface to screw with your relationships in the future. It would be a lot cooler to go as Octo-Mom.


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are you crazy!!!wtf


I would recommend that he goes as a cheerleader. But if you do that youll need makeup, a wig, Cheerleading clothes, nail polish, and he'll want to learn to have a high voice (this is not nescessary but it is a good idea). Halloween is the only safe time for crossdressing. A couple of years ago my sis and gf bribed me into going as a cheerleader for our school. I went in pink nail polish, wig in a ponytail, pink lipstick and gloss, pink shadow, liner, and blush high heels, and cheerleading short skirt (note that they held me down and shaved my legs and i hated it). He really needs to decide if he really wants it.

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he certainly can be! there several male cheerleaders in the world who are just as important and have just as much fun as female's do!

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Q: Should a boy be a cheerleader for Halloween?
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