Should Gary Megson be sacked

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Should Gary Megson be sacked
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When was Gary Megson born?

Gary Megson was born on May 2, 1959, in Manchester, England, UK.

What school did Gary megson go to?

Gary Megson attended the Nottingham Forest Academy as a youth player but there is no information available regarding which school he attended.

How many football managers have been sacked since the end of July 2010?

Three managers have been sacked and one has resigned; Paul Hart, Portsmouth Mark Hughes, Manchester City Gary Megson, Bolton Owen Coyle, the Burnley manager resigned to replace Megson at Bolton.

How many goals did Gary Megson score for Manchester City and how many appearances did he make for them?

Gary Megson made 82 appearances for Manchester City, scoring 2 goals in his time.He played for them from 1989 - 1992.

Who should replace megson if he goes?

Harry Redknapp. That guy did wonders with Pompey!!!

When was Don Megson born?

Don Megson was born on 1936-06-12.

What has the author Christine Megson written?

Christine Megson has written: 'The role of the new vice-principal'

Should rob green be sacked?

No way just because he missed the ball doesnt mean he should be sacked.

What has the author Garry Michael Megson written?

Garry Michael Megson has written: 'The Application of gas-liquid chromatography for the detection of fungal polyols in serum'

What footballers have played for norwich and Newcastle?

Fraser Forster Craig Bellamy Scott Parker Antoine Sibierski Matty Pattison Gary Megson Darren Huckery Ruel Fox Justin Fashanu Carl Cort

Should Steve kean be sacked?


What has the author Frederic H Megson written?

Frederic H Megson has written: 'American exposition postcards, 1870-1920' -- subject(s): Postcards, Catalogs, Collectors and collecting