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Through the 2009 season, Notre Dame has a 21-13 record against current SEC teams.

Notre Dame's records against current SEC teams:

1) LSU: 5-5

2) Tennessee: 4-4

3) Alabama: 5-1

4) South Carolina: 3-1

5) Mississippi: 1-1

6) Vanderbilt: 2-0

7) Florida: 1-0

8) Georgia: 0-1

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Through the 2008 season:

1) 11/11/1978: Notre Dame 31, Tennessee 14

2) 11/10/1979: Tennessee 40, Notre Dame 18

3) 11/10/1990: Notre Dame 34, Tennessee 29

4) 11/9/1991: Tennessee 35, Notre Dame 34

5) 11/6/1999: Tennessee 38, Notre Dame 14

6) 11/3/2001: Tennessee 28, Notre Dame 18

7) 11/6/2004: Notre Dame 17, Tennessee 13

8) 11/5/2005: Notre Dame 41, Tennessee 21

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As of the 2008 season, Notre Dame and Tennessee have met 8 times with the all time series tied 4-4.

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Q: SEC conference teams vs notre dame NCAA football who won the most against each other?
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