Provide a list of nhl team owners?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Anaheim - Henry and Susan Samueli.

Atlanta Thrashers - Atlanta Spirit, LLC (Bruce Levenson, Chairman).

Boston Bruins - Delaware North Companies (Jeremy M. Jacobs, Chairman).

Buffalo Sabres - Terrence M. Pegula.

Calgary Flames - Calgary Flames LP (N. Murray Edwards, chairman; Harley Hotchkiss, Governor).

Carolina Hurricanes - Peter Karamanos Jr.

Chicago Blackhawks - Wirtz Corporation (W. Rockwell Wirtz, Chairman).

Colorado Avalanche - Kroenke Sports Enterprises (E. Stanley Kroenke, Chairman).

Columbus Blue Jackets - John P. McConnell.

Dallas Stars - Hicks Sports Group (Thomas O. Hicks, Chairman).

Detroit Red Wings - Ilitch Holdings (Mike Ilitch, Chairman).

Florida Panthers - Sunrise Sports and Entertainment (Cliff Viner, Chairman).

Los Angeles Kings - Anschutz Entertainment Group (Philip Anschutz, Chairman).

Minnesota Wild - Minnesota Sports & Entertainment (Craig Leipold, Chairman).

Montreal Canadiens - Molson family (Geoff Molson, Chairman).

Nashville Predators - Predators Holdings LLC (Thomas Cigarran, Chairman).

New Jersey Devils - Jeffrey Vanderbeek.

New York Islanders - Charles Wang.

New York Rangers - Madison Square Garden, Inc. (James Dolan, Chairman).

Ottawa Senators - Eugene Melnyk.

Philadelphia Flyers - Comcast-Spectacor (Ed Snider, Chairman).

Phoenix Coyotes - National Hockey League.

Pittsburgh Penguins - Lemieux Group LP (Mario Lemieux, Co-Owner/Chairman; Ron Burkle, Co-Owner).

San Jose Sharks - San Jose Sports & Entertainment Enterprises (Greg Jamison, CEO).

St. Louis Blues - Sports Capital Partners (Dave Checketts, Chairman).

Tampa Bay Lightning - Tampa Bay Sports and Entertainment (Jeffrey Vinik, Chairman).

Toronto Maple Leafs - CanadaMaple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. (Larry Tanenbaum, Chairman).

Vancouver Canucks - Canada Canucks Sports and Entertainment (Francesco Aquilini, Chairman).

Washington Capitals - Monumental Sports & Entertainment (Ted Leonsis, Chairman).

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Q: Provide a list of nhl team owners?
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